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Tuning into ghostly transmissions from the past

Picking up signals from the ether, TitanCon is tuning into ghostly transmissions from the past with Wireless Mystery Theatre.

Wireless Mystery Theatre

Wireless Mystery Theatre recreate the in-studio excitement of the night, transporting the audience back to the Golden Age of radio, to be AWED! and AMAZED! as they present radio plays live on stage. You are offered a peek through the studio's perspex glass to watch the live music, the hand-cranked sound effects, the 'radio personalities', and the old-time commercials, all live before your very ears.

Wireless Mystery Theatre

Originally broadcast in 1941, this archive programme contains two of H.P. Lovecraft's most unsettling stories, The Dunwich Horror and The Music of Erich Zann.

TitanCon is thrilled to announe that this special performance by Wireless Mystery Theatre will begin at 9 pm during our evening party in the Europa Exhibition Hall.
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