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24 January 2013 @ 12:32 pm
TitanCon 2013  
Despite the situation with the flag protests in Belfast over recent weeks the TitanCon Committee have been putting plans into place for TitanCon 2013 and we wholeheartedly still believe in putting on another great convention this year. However, we cannot ignore the uncertainty of current events and therefore have decided to delay ticket sales until the end of February.

We will be hoping that a resolution will be reached in the coming weeks which will facilitate a peaceful end to protests and a return to business as usual in Belfast. Towards the end of February the TitanCon committee will make a final decision about whether to go ahead with the convention or not depending on the situation. We most definitely do not want to cancel but we cannot rule out the possibility that we may have no other choice.

We want to make it clear to everyone that the situation in Belfast right now is not dangerous but it is disruptive.

At this time we are not financially committed, we have not paid any non-refundable deposits. We are in a position to make the financial commitment necessary to stage TitanCon if we judge it to be worth the risk to ourselves and the reputation of the convention. If and when the time comes that we do put our money down on a deposit and begin accepting ticket sales then this committee pledges to you that we will be 100% committed and we'll do everything we possibly can to run an enjoyable and successful TitanCon on Saturday 14 September 2013.

Yes this means that if we do go ahead then we will be one weekend earlier than the previous two years. The reason for this change is to avoid a clash with the Emmy Award Ceremony which will allow us to maximise our potential to bring you more Game of Thrones guests.

Please be patient with us over the next month. This is not an easy or simple decision. We will continue to make plans during this time as if we are going ahead so that we are all ready to go at the end of February. We have every hope that this is what happens. Our decision will be communicated clearly and fully as soon as we are ready to make it. Thank you.

A longer statement with more detail about this decision is available on our TitanCon 2013 page.