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08 July 2013 @ 12:36 pm
TitanCon 2013 Coach Tour  
The wait is over and we can finally announce the details of our 2013 Coach tour. We apologise that this has taken a few weeks longer than we would have wanted but this has been a difficult tour to arrange with several different venues to negotiate with, some of which didn't work out in terms of time, money and practicality. But we're really pleased with the Game of Thrones filming locations we have lined up and a fantastic venue for our medieval feast. For those that preferred the atmosphere inside the great hall at Castle Ward to last year's marquee at Shane's Castle, we are pleased to say we have found a beautiful hall at Clandeboye Estate big enough to seat 150 people and we also offer spectacular entertainment with a fire dancing show by Ignition.

On Sunday 8 September 2013 we will be visiting:

Inch Abbey
The location where Robb was named King in the North. Following the heartbreaking events of the Red Wedding we'll be holding a special memorial service for the fallen king. Never forget.

River Quoile
The quay outside Riverrun where the funeral service for Hoster Tully was held. The Tully trout ornamentation is gone but the quay is still there in this beautiful riverside location.

Audley's Castle
We never made it out here on our 2011 tour so we're going back this year. This was the exterior location for The Twins and was also used as the Stark and Lannister war camps back in season one.

Whitespots Country Park ~ Windmill
One of the most recognisable locations from season three is the windmill where Bran and company took shelter while Jon Snow fought the wildlings outside.

Clandeboye Estate ~ Combat workhops
We are offering a selection of combat workshops including spear combat, sword combat, hand to hand fighting and fire eating and body burning - for those that dare to try.

Medieval feast
Our traditional Hog Roast will be served inside the beautiful Clandeboye Estate Courtyard Banqueting Hall. With seating for 150 people plus a separate bar area.

Fire Dancing
After the sun and our food goes down we'll be serving up spectacular entertainment in the courtyard with fire dancing by Ignition and our very own Mutha Hydra.

After Party
We offer drop off points at Belfast City Airport, Europa Bus Station before returning to the Wellington Park Hotel where the after party will continue long into the night.

Tickets cost £45 (+ £2 Paypal transaction fee) and go on sale at 12.00 midday (UK) on Saturday 13 July 2013

Full details on our website: http://titancon.com/.../coach_tour.php