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announcing TitanCon

Coming to Belfast Northern Ireland on Saturday 24 September 2011:

a SF/F Literary, Media and Gaming Convention for Belfast

TitanCon - A science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast Northern Ireland including panels on HBO and George RR Martin's Game of Thrones, organised and run by GRRM fangroup the Brotherhood Without Banners, Studio NI, Northern Ireland's largest arts and culture group, The Other Ones a Belfast science fiction and fantasy society, with gaming events run by Arkham Gaming Centre and TableTopNorth.

Our Guest of Honour is Ian McDonald, author of The Dervish House, winner of Best Novel at the British Science Fiction Awards and nominated for Best Novel at the Hugo Awards this year.

Game of Thrones guests

We can categorically and definitely state that there WILL be cast and crew members from Game of Thrones as guests at TitanCon 2011. We have two cast members confirmed in Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel) and Kristian Nairn (Hodor). We have spoken with a whole bunch of cast members over the last month or two since the second season was confirmed by HBO and everyone is excited about the possibility of being at TitanCon, meeting the fans and discussing the show.

We have close to a dozen more guests that have said already yes in principle but we can't announce who just yet because we are waiting on the production team to finalise the Season Two filming schedule for 2011. Once that happens we can confirm who will be in Belfast and available on 24 September to come down and join us. We are working as hard as we can to get confirmation of who our guests will be and as soon as we know we will announce it everywhere as loudly as we can!

Check out our promo video created by the hilarious Joseph Campo from the AWESOME and legendary Get Joe on the Show YouTube series.

Film making workshops
Anyone with an interest in film making would be a fool to miss our TitanCon film making workshops including 99 Minute Film School presented by the founder of Raindance Film Festival Elliot Grove. We've got more workshops to be announced very soon.

Full membership to TitanCon is only £10!

Full details and membership available via our website

Friday 23 September - Culture Night Belfast - FREE entry
Award winning novelist Ian McDonald reads excerpts from his Hugo-nominated novel The Dervish House. Ian will also be joined by fellow TitanCon author guests Peadar Ó Guilín and T.A. Moore who will be reading excerpts from their novels.

The venue for this event is McHughs Bar, we've hired the basement bar for the evening. This is the same veue where the BWB held Belfast Moot 1 in 2009. This event is also a celebration of Studio NI's 7th anniversary so we'll be partying quite late (though those of us getting up at 6 am to start work on TitanCon might be bowing out early).

Sunday 25 September - Game of Thrones Coach Tour - Tickets £28
Our special Sunday event is a coach tour visiting various locations used in the filming of Game of Thrones season one including Tollymore Forest, Inch Abbey, Audleys Castle and Castle Ward (Winterfell courtyard) where we will be hosting a medieval feast, archery workshop by the SCA and a LARP event run by LARPNI.

The tour begins at 10.15 am departing from the Europa Hotel in Belfast. We won't be back till 9 pm so make sure you can stick around all day because you really don't want to miss this!

See the full Coach Tour schedule for more details. Spaces are limited so please buy your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!


Ian McDonald
Elliot Grove - found of Raindance ~ 99 Minute Film School
Miltos Yerolemou ~ Syrio Forel
Kristian Nairn ~ Hodor
George Clarke
Peadar Ó Guilín   - peadarog 
T.A. Moore
Paddy Brown
Andy Luke
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