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Right time to announce more Game of Thrones guests for TitanCon. This time we have two people from the production crew because the people behind the camera are just as important as those in front of it.

William Simpson ~ Storyboard Artist

William Simpson is a storyboard artist working on HBO's Game of Thrones, but he is far better known as a comic artist and illustrator. Over his 30 year career Will has worked for all the major comic houses: Dark Horse, DC, Vertigo, Marvel and 2000AD.

In recent years Will has concentrated primarily on illustration and filmmaking and has drawn storyboards for films including Breakfast on Pluto, Closing the Ring, Reign of Fire, City of Ember and Your Highness. Many of these were filmed in Belfast and this has naturally lead to Game of Thrones. William was at Belfast Moot 2 and we are very pleased to say he will be joining us again at TitanCon.

Maria Moore ~ Hair & make-up

Maria Moore is one of the talented team members of the Hair Department on HBO's Game of Thrones. Maria has over 20 years experience in hair and make-up design having spent 14 years in London's West End including big theatre productions such as Mamma Mia, Cats and Evita. Maria also has extensive TV credits including Children in Need, The Generation Game, Big Breakfast, GMTV, BBC Newsline as well as Film credits including Your Highness and City of Ember.

At TitanCon 2011 Maria will lead a Workshop in Make-up for Stage and Screen as part of our series of Film Making Workshops. Please note that this workshop is not specifically about Game of Thrones though Maria is likely to touch on her work for the show as she reveals the tricks of the trade and how to get actors ready for their big scene. A must see for any aspiring make-up artists and film makers that want to learn more.

Maria will be on other panels throughout the day to answer questions about hair design in Game of Thrones - just whatever you do don't mention "Eyebrow-Gate"...
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